The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

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Here is the Daily Dose for Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

For I am always aware of your unfailing love, and I have lived according to your truth. Psalm 26:3


For many of us, there are times that we feel unloveable. While we put on a great smile for the public and make sure our social media posts show us living our best lives, we sometimes struggle with deep-rooted feelings of insecurity, unworthiness, and self-doubt. We sometimes doubt that we will ever truly achieve our dreams. We sometimes doubt that anybody knows the real us. Worst of all, we sometimes doubt that if people knew the real us, the person under the façade, that anyone would ever really love us for us.

The truth of the matter is, no matter how you feel, you are loved. God knows exactly who you are, and He loves you anyway. God knows that we struggle, make mistakes, and often let ourselves down. That is not what matters to God. To God, you are not your accomplishments or judged by your performance. You are simply His beloved child. With your flaws, with your mistakes, and with your doubts, you are, always have been, and always will be loved by God.

Today is the day to accept the love of God into your heart. You are absolutely flawed, imperfect, and have all kinds of issues. Guess what; God loves you anyway. With your issues and flaws, God is not asking you to be perfect. He simply wants you to be you. He wants you to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that He loves you. He doesn’t love you because you’re worthy, and He’s not looking for you to try harder and do better.  He simply loves you because you are His child. So today, let go of the fear, the self-condemnation, and the doubt. God loves you, and so do I.

Be Blessed,



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