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Here is the Daily Dose for Friday, September 11, 2020.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love, and self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7

Your Choice 

Well, why did you do that? I just couldn’t help myself. These were the words that started the segment that I was watching on Maury. Yes, I admit it; when I am sick in bed, I watch the Maury show. I know it is not good television, but it is very entertaining. This episode was about women who cheat, and the men who love them. Or maybe it was men who cheat and the women who love them. Either way, it was about people constantly cheating in relationships. As this couple told their story, one thing became clear, it was not the fault of the cheater. They just couldn’t help themselves. Every time, they just couldn’t help themselves.

When we say that we just can’t help ourselves, what we are really saying is, I did it, but it is not my fault. Yes, I was there. Yes, I did do it, Yes, it was wrong. No, it is not my fault. That is how many people go throughout their lives. Nothing is ever their fault, and they are typically correct. Once you have decided that you are not going to control yourself, then nothing is ever your fault again. It is the ultimate get out of jail free card, but it is also incredibly dangerous. While nothing is your fault, you also have to live with all the things that you have done. And from what I saw on Maury, nobody ever wants to live with the consequences of the things that are not their fault.

Friends, don’t ever say the words “I just couldn’t help myself,” or “It’s not my fault,” ever again. One of the blessings of God is that he gives us the power to control ourselves. God knows that there will always be temptations in the world and opportunities to do the wrong thing. He loves us so much that he doesn’t send us our unarmed. He arms us with the power of self-control. Self-control is simply trusting the power of God to lead you in the right direction in life. When we do that, things stop being our fault, and they become our choice. So as you go throughout the day, remember, it may not be your fault, but self-control always makes it your choice.

Be Blessed,







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