The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

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Here is the Daily Dose for Thursday, September 3, 2020.

What do you prefer? Shall I come to you with a rod of discipline, or shall I come in love and with a gentle spirit? 1 Corinthians 4:21

You Pick

Suppose you were starting a new job and they gave you a choice of managers. The first manager has a reputation for getting great results, but she rides her team hard. From their side of the building, you hear constant yelling, there are threats, and everyone lives in fear, but they are exceptionally productive. On the other hand, you could choose a different manager. This manager has a reputation for being very nice to her employees. They have team building events, an open working environment, and everyone seems to be happy and excited to come to work. Which manager would you choose?

Most of us would choose the second manager. We would choose the second manager because the environment seems to be better. It seems as if that manager cares not just about the job but about her people as well. The second manager is gentle with people, but they seem to be working just as hard, if not harder, than the first manager’s people.

Friends, this is similar to our relationship with God. In the Old Testament, people worked hard to live up to the law of Moses. The law was a taskmaster that drove people to do well but always hovered over them, reminding them that there was more to do. In the New Testament, Jesus comes to replace the law with love and faith. Jesus reminds us that faith is enough, and God truly does love us. At the end of the day, the Lord can deal with us with a rod of discipline or with gentleness and love. We get to pick.

Be Blessed,


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