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Here is the Daily Dose for Friday, January 10, 2020.

Then God said, “Let the waters swarm with fish and other life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.” Genesis 1:20

Fully Stocked.

I have an uncle that has a nice piece of property in South Carolina. It was originally a farm that he wanted to build a barbecue pit on for family gatherings. Well, one thing led to another and the barbecue pit somehow turned into a barbecue patio with a covering since you can’t just be out in the heat all the time. Then the pit with a covering turned into a small house so that you could use the bathroom if you were out there. But he soon realized that if you are going to build a small house for a bathroom, you may as well just build a house. So he did. The barbecue pit became a home. It was absolutely one of my favorites to visit.

My uncle’s house wasn’t my favorite to visit because of the barbecue pit, or the fields of fresh watermelons, but rather because if you took a little walk on the property, you would run into the pond. Just seemingly in the middle of nowhere, there is a nice sized pond where we would go fishing. I’m not a big fan of fishing, but I loved fishing there. I loved it because I always caught something. Not always the biggest fish, or the smallest fish, but I always caught something. One day I asked my uncle why I was such a good fisherman when I was on his property. He told me it was because he has the pond freshly stocked before I come to make sure that there is something for me to catch.

Friends, like my uncle, God has planned for your arrival. He has put everything you need all around you. In the same way that God stocked the air with birds, and the waters with fish, in the beginning, he keeps stocking the ponds around your life every day. So take some time to look around not at what you don’t have, but rather what is available to you. All too often, we overlook what is right in front of us trying to find something that we think is better. Trust that God will supply all of your needs and keep your pond fully stocked so that you can catch exactly what you need.

Be Blessed,


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