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Here is the Daily Dose for Thursday, January 9, 2020.

Then God said, “Let the lights appear in the sky to separate the day from the night. Let there be signs to mark the seasons, days and years. Let these lights shine down on the earth.” And this is what happened. Genesis 1:14

A Different Season

I have typically lived in places that had four seasons. The shifting of the weather allowed the easy identification of winter, spring summer and fall. But I have a friend that live in Los Angeles and his experience is completely different. In Los Angeles, it is pretty much always summer. The weather is always nice. You can always be outdoors. You can live as if things never change and everything is always the same. He absolutely loves it and would not consider living anywhere else because it is so much fun. By contrast, I couldn’t do it. It would drive me absolutely crazy for there not to be noticeable seasons.

In creating the world God created seasons. He wanted us to be able to understand the passage of time and understand when we should be making transitions in life. Seasons allow us to know when we should be speeding up and when we should be slowing down. Seasons show us when we should be planting but also when we should be harvesting. These indicators allow us to know what we should be doing so that we don’t find ourselves out of our season.

Friends, you have to know what season you are in. All too often in life, we make mistakes because we are operating out of season. There is a season for preparation, but also a season for execution, and a season for rest. There is a season for planting, but there is also a season for harvesting what you have planted. There is a season for playing, but there is also a season to work diligently. When we know what season we are in, we can receive the blessing of God in that season. So don’t get stuck in one season, God may be giving you a sign that it’s a new season.

Be Blessed,


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