The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

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Here is the Daily Dose for Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

I have refused to walk on any evil path, so that I may remain obedient to your word. Psalm 119:101

I Can’t Go There

You can go anywhere you want to, but you can’t cross the street. Those were the instructions that my aunt gave my cousins and me every time I was at her house. You see, back then, we were not indoor kids. We were put out in the morning, expected back for lunch, put back out after lunch, and then expected when the lights came on. We could go anywhere and do anything, as long as we did not cross the street. For days on end, we would have a ball playing from house to house and yard to yard, but like all good things eventually, it got boring. That’s when we wanted to go exploring to see what else was out there.

My cousin’s friend got an idea. He suggested that we go to the park. The only problem was the park was three blocks away. It wasn’t far, we’d gone with adults plenty of times, but we had never gone by ourselves. It would be a great adventure, except we would have to cross not one, but three streets. So we were left with a decision to make, do we go to the park and break the rules or do we stay here and follow the rules. To me, it was very simple you stay where you are told and follow the rules, but we went round and round about what to do for hours. By the time we were finished arguing, it was time for us all to head in for lunch. By afternoon, we decided to play football and never made it to the park, and that was just fine with all of us.

Friends, that day I learned something that never left me, there’s always plenty to do within the rules. We often think that when we are told not to do something that we are missing out. We think that whoever is making the rules is spoiling the fun and holding us back. That is often what we think when God tells us no as well. What we must remember is God, like my aunt, has our best interest at heart. They are trying to keep us safe, protected and taken care of. The rules aren’t meant to hold you back; they are there to secure your future. So next time you think you are missing out because God told you no, remember there is always a reason, and you simply can’t go there.

Be Blessed,


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