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Here is the Daily Dose for Thursday, November 21, 2019.

Obviously, I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ’s servant. Galatians 1:10

They Not Gonna Like That

The Apostle Paul was an amazing individual. He started life as a persecutor of the church and ended life as one of the greatest Apostles of the Church. He planted churches all over the ancient near east and brought the faith to people who would never have heard the gospel if it had not been for him. Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament in the Bible, mentored Timothy into being a great pastor, and wound up in shipwrecked on three separate occasions. Along with all of that, I should also mention that Paul was constantly arrested, chased out of several cities, was beaten three times and stoned. With all of this, somehow Paul kept going and kept working towards what God called him to do. The question that comes to mind is how? How is it that Paul was able to do so much while suffering so many setbacks, and still keep going?

I believe that Paul was able to do what he was able to do because he set his mind to only care about one thing. Paul didn’t care about money. Paul was not impressed by status. Paul was not even trying to be successful or famous. Paul was only trying to please God. Paul was singularly focused on what God would think about him, what God needed him to do, and what God wanted from his life. That singular focus allowed Paul to avoid distractions, take setbacks in stride, and still keep going because he knew that God would be pleased. He knew that no matter what anyone else thinks about what you do, as long as God is pleased you’ll be fine.

Friends, people-pleasing will never get you anywhere. When you are living to please people you will not get much done. People will change their minds, change their wants and fall out with you if you don’t give it to them. It will keep you going here there and everywhere trying to do what they want. By contrast, God is never changing. If you set your mind on pleasing him, you will always be going in the same directions, you will have strength for setback and always know that what you are doing matters. So be like Paul, stay focused on God, and see all that you will be able to do.

Be Blessed,



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