The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

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Here is the Daily Dose for Monday, November 4, 2019.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart wait for the Lord. Psalm 27:14

Waiting Well

When traveling the one thing that bothers me most is a flight delay. As a person that is constantly running late for the airport, I am always blown away when my flight is delayed. I have typically bent, but not broken, a speed limit, possibly bribed a shuttle driver to not stop at red lights on the way to the terminal, and may have sprinted from the security screeners to my gate, only to see that my flight has been delayed and all that rushing was for nothing. The thing is, I’m not bothered by the rushing, the delay, or the fact that I have typically been in a panic about missing my flight for the better part of an hour. What actually bothers me is that I am now trapped at the airport with nothing to do until my flight finally leaves.

When you are trapped waiting at the airport there are not a lot of options. You can buy overpriced food, stock up on magazines you’d never read, watch the airport news without sound, or just people watch. None of these are completely terrible options but when you have been rushing to get to a flight they all seem like a letdown. One day I was watching an older gentleman who had a whole set up going on in the airport. He had a snack set up, workstation, and had put on slippers while we waited on his delayed flight. I was absolutely amazed. Coincidentally we were seated next to each other on the flight so I had to ask him about his airport ritual. He told me, “Son, I’m an old man and have been traveling for years. I have learned not to be in a hurry. The plane is going to leave when it is going to leave. So I bring the things I need to be comfortable while I wait. I can’t control the plane but I can make myself comfortable while I wait.” And with that, he put on his slippers, a sleep mask, and took a nap.

Friends, we often get frustrated waiting on the Lord. We have been rushing to get to where we need to be only for the Lord to tell us to wait. It seems as if the Lord is running behind schedule and now we are sitting here with nothing to do. So we will often get angry and frustrated waiting on the Lord because we did so much to get here and now nothing.  Instead of getting frustrated we need to learn to wait well. Waiting well means resting assured that God will show up when it is time for him to show up and in the meantime, we just need to make the best use of our time. The best use of our time, while we wait, is to prepare for what we know is on the way. Preparing means making sure that you are well prepared for the season that God is bringing you into. Preparing means knowing that when God opens the door you won’t be out of breath from running to get there but energized to walk through the door. So don’t worry about the delay, God will show up. Just learn to wait well.

Be Blessed,


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