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Here is the Daily Dose for Monday, September 23, 2019.

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. Psalm 145:3

A Standing Ovation

A few years ago, I was blessed to be in a hotel in Baltimore, Maryland  at the same time as Cal Ripken Jr. It was a blessing because as a huge baseball fan, the opportunity to meet the Iron Man of baseball was awesome. It is also significant that I was in Baltimore at the time. Cal Ripken Jr. played his entire baseball career in Baltimore so he is literally a public treasure there. So watching Cal Ripken Jr. walk through a hotel in Baltimore is a surreal experience because of who he is and where he was at the time.

As Mr. Ripken walked through the hotel you could see people stop what they were doing to stare at him. Other people would whisper to each other, things like, “Look its Cal Ripken Jr.,” or  “ Look it’s him.” Then the most interesting thing happened, he walked into a restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant stopped, stood up, started clapping and cheering. It was amazing to watch. Because of all that Mr. Ripken had done on a baseball field people could not help but stand up and cheer for him, even years after his retirement. That is the effect that greatness has on people. When we see greatness, we respond with praise and adulation. The greater the greatness the greater the praise. No matter how long ago it was the memory of greatness stays with us and we respond.

Watching the reaction people had to Cal Ripken Jr., made me wonder about people’s reaction to God. If seeing greatness moves us to clap, cheer and stare then we should be clapping, staring and cheering every time we see the Lord and His handiwork. When we remember the great things that HE has done in our lives we certainly should start cheering and celebrating him. In short, as great as God is we should be celebrating Him every day with praise and thanksgiving on the daily basis. So take some time today and appreciate the greatness of God for all he has already done and for what you expect him to do.

Be Blessed,


One thought on “The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

  1. How very true! Standing up and giving an ovation for God.We should do it more often. I find that those folks that are happiest are also the most appreciative of everything!.
    Thank you Daryl for writing these inspirations!

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