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Here is the Daily Dose for Tuesday, September 17, 2019.

So if the son sets you free, you are truly free. John 8:36

The Great Escape

Harry Houdini was probably the greatest escape artist of all time. During the early twentieth century, Houdini time and time again took on difficult escape challenges. Each escape that Houdini performed was more difficult than the last. If Houdini escaped from handcuffs, next he would escape from handcuffs while trapped in a giant milk can. After escaping from a giant milk can, Houdini escaped from a Chinese water torture cell. After escaping from the Chinese water torture cell, Houdini decided to escape from a coffin, submerged in a swimming pool for an hour and a half. Each escape was more dangerous than the one before, but Houdini always escaped.

What has always been fascinating to me is that after each escape Houdini, willingly bound himself up again, to try to escape again. You would think that after one death-defying escape Houdini would have counted his blessings and moved on, but he kept coming back for more because he thought he could escape. Many of us are like Houdini in that we keep getting trapped in situations and problems and trying to escape. When we do escape, as opposed to counting our blessings and changing our ways, we oftentimes will go back and find a new problem to entangle ourselves in and try to escape all over again. The funny thing is, we think we are trapped by our problems but we are really trapped by the cycle of getting into and out of trouble. We are trapped by freeing ourselves from one issue, only to repeat the process with a different issue.

Friends, it is important to remember that Houdini wasn’t really and escape artist, he was an illusionist. The illusion was that he created over and over again was that could escape from his perdacaments on his own. That is the same illusion that many of us live under. We escape from one thing on our own, simply to put ourselves into another problem to get out of. We present the illusion that we are free, but we are simply just changing in and out of being trapped in the cycle of being trapped and freed. When we truly want to break free we have to do something different. We can’t just get in and out of problems but we have to break the cycle that puts us into problems. That is something that can only be done with the Lord. You see when the Lord frees us, he does not free us from the problem, he frees us from the cycle. The Lord does not just get us out, he makes sure that we never go back, making us truly free indeed. So when you are ready to be free, call on the Lord and let him break the cycle and set you free indeed.

Be Blessed,


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