The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

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Here is the Daily Dose for Thursday, September 5, 2019.

In my distress, I called the Lord, and he answered me. Psalm 120:1

Just A Call Away

Call 911! Those were the words that rang out across the shopping plaza. A strong gust of wind had blown through the area and a maintenance person had fallen off the ladder he was working on. So everyone nearby grabbed their cell phones and started calling for emergency help. The funny thing looking back was we all got through. For each of our calls, an operator answered and said, “911 what’s your emergency.” Which got me to thinking, if there were 10 of us calling 911 and we were not the only emergency in the area, just how many phone lines and how many operators do they have over there?

While it is an interesting question, and one that I never quite got an answer to, I realized it didn’t matter. What matters when you call 911 is that someone answers your call. You don’t care how many other calls they have or who is on the phone, you just want someone that will hear you call and send help. In emergencies, we are less concerned about the process and far more concerned about being heard and getting a result. In the case of the man who fell that day, he didn’t care who called, or who answered, he was just relieved when the ambulance pulled up, the paramedics hopped out, and tended to his needs.

Friends, one of the most awesome things about God is he always takes our calls. No matter if we are calling with a life or death emergency, if we need to vent, or if we just need to talk, God is always just one prayer away. You can never call too often, and there is never a time when the call won’t go through. No matter when, where or what, God will always be there for you. So the next time you are in trouble and need someone to send help, take a moment to pray knowing that God will be right there.

Be Blessed,





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