The Daily Dose with Dr. Daryl L. Williams

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Here is the Daily Dose for Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

Backsliders get what they deserve; good people receive their reward. Proverbs 14:14

Choose Wisely

Instagram will get you in trouble. I don’t mean real trouble, although there is plenty of that on Instagram, I mean fake trouble. The trouble that comes when you look at someone’s posts and start to think, I can do that. This happens to me every so often when I look at the posts of my really fit friends on Instagram. My really fit friends on Instagram put up all kinds of awesome pictures and videos of them working out and showing how fit they are which from time to time inspires me. I see what they are doing, and I get the bright idea that I can go do that and look like that, tomorrow. This usually ends very poorly.

As someone who goes to the gym, kind of regularly, I had to finally ask one of my fit friends how they do it. As someone that goes to the gym, I figured I should have the same results, and I wanted to know what the secret was. I was flabbergasted at the response largely because it was simple and it hurt my feelings. My friend told me the results they were getting was because they show up every day. Each and every day they show up in the gym and do something. On the days when it rains, they show up. On the days they don’t feel like it, they show up. They get their results because on the days I don’t show up they keep showing up.

Friends, our results will always be proportionate to the work that we put in. What most of us want is the results of hard work with minimal effort. Unfortunately, that is never how it works. When we decided that we want a result, we have also to decide that we want to put in the effort required. That will always mean showing up when you don’t feel like it, working when you don’t want to, and keeping going when giving up would be so much easier. So at the end of the day, we get to choose the result that we want by the effort that we put in. So friends, every day, choose wisely because, in the end, you will get the results of the choices you made.

Be Blessed


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