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Here is the Daily Dose for Mondy, May 13, 2019.

The Godly hate lies; the wicked cause shame and disgrace. Proverbs 13:5

To Tell The Truth 

Growing up I was a fan of daytime game shows. If I were home from school, the cartoons would go off, and then the fun would begin. My mother and I would watch all of the fun game shows together like Press Your Luck, Sale of the Century, Scrabble, and everyone’s favorite The Price is Right. My enjoyment of those shows as a child has led me as an adult to spending many hours watching the Game Show Network to relive the past and discover new and exciting shows that I was not able to watch as a child. In watching old game shows, I have discovered a new favorite, To Tell The Truth.

To Tell TheTruth, involved having a panel of celebrities having to guess which of the contestants was telling the truth. The moderator would give a story about a person who was one of the contestants, but all of the contestants were trying to convince the panelist that they were the person. So one person was telling the truth, and the others were lying. After hours of watching the show, I began to be able to easily tell which person was telling the truth. It was always the one who was the most relaxed. What I noticed was the “imposters” were working to convince people that they were telling the truth. The person telling the truth was just, telling the truth.

Many times in life we miss that the easiest thing to do is simply, to tell the truth. Often we will avoid telling the truth because the truth can be messy, uncomfortable and sometimes cast us in a bad light, yet that doesn’t make it any less true. The power of the truth is that no matter how bad it may be, the truth is yours and you own it. Lies, by contrast, are rented space that you have to work hard to maintain, work hard to remember and you are always afraid will be found out. When you make the decision, to tell the truth, no matter how messy, uncomfortable or difficult it may be, it frees you to live in what is, not what you’re making up. So make the choice to simply tell the truth. It will make everything much easier.

Be Blessed,


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