The Daily Dose, April 18, 2016

A Proverb a day gets you on the way!

Here is the Daily Dose for Monday, April 18, 2016.

Wise words are like deep waters; wisdom flows from the wise like a babbling brook. Proverbs 18:4


Full To The Brim

I had a friend that could tell you anything about baseball. When I say anything, I mean anything. Who hit the most homers in 1974? He could tell you. What was Reggie Jackson’s lifetime batting average? He could tell you. Who won the World Series in the odd years of the 1960s? He could tell you who won, and in how many games and just for fun who the MVP was. It was absolutely amazing to me, so I asked him how he knew these things. He told me he was full of stats because he read them, studied them, and dedicated his time and energy to knowing all there was to know about baseball. It was not just his hobby, it was his passion. So he filled himself to the brim with all he could know about baseball.

It is amazing what we can do when we are full of something. Because my friend was full of baseball he could spout off baseball without even thinking about it. He was so full that it had become his nature. Likewise, when we fill ourselves with wisdom and the things of God, they become our second nature to spout off. When we are in a jam, we know the wise Godly thing to say and do. When someone needs help, we know the wise and Godly thing to do. But, like my friend we can only do that if wisdom and godliness becomes the things we learn, study and passionately devote ourselves to.

If we are honest, there are a lot of things that we have devoted ourselves to. For some of us it is music. They can tell you the lyrics, the melody and the artist of every song on the radio. For others, television has their total devotion. They can tell you  about all the latest shows, the plot points, main characters and what they think will happen next. The can tell you these things because it is what they are full of. I want to encourage you today, while you are filling up on the things of the world, also fill up on the things of the word. That way, when you need to reach down for something to help you, help someone else, or get you through, you’ll have more than empty stats or pop lyrics. You’ll be full with the things of God.

Be Blessed,


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